Thanks for joining me! This is my story about getting to grips with my mobility aid! It sparked the #iAm♿️ movement and we haven’t looked back since.

I am sexy.

Eva, @wheely_good_time

By pretty much a landslide, lots of you have said that without your mobility aid you would feel sexier! ♥️👉👌 I get it, when your limitations are displayed so publicly it can be difficult but I’m here to say sexy isn’t a look, it’s a feeling 😏 none of us are sexy all the time (it’d be too damn tiring for one) but on the reverse there isn’t anyone on the planet that “isn’t allowed” to feel sexy.

There definitely are days that I don’t feel sexy, but I’m learning that I can’t rank my sexiness on my wheelchair/sticks/scooter whatever! By reading this post I’m not saying you’re going to have an epiphany… “oh yeah, I didn’t realise that!” – I know you know and I certainly know it’s a journey! But what I really want to say is we can all walk/hobble/roll/crawl/be carried down that path if we want to!

To kick off our #iAm♿️ hashtag, what we want to know: what/how does your mobility aid make you feel? 🗳 BY FINISHING THE SENTENCE “I AM…” even tag us in a post/your story if you fancy it! Whether it’s positive or negative let’s have an open discussion about mobility aids.

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