I am unstoppable

Sophie, @SEadaptiveathlete

“I am unstoppable.…after being hit by a car in 2011 I ended up developing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and my life was turned upside down. I had to stop all of my sports because it was too painful, I had to go part time at University and I had to get used to walking with crutches and eventually, using a wheelchair. I saw my wheelchair as a negative thing, it stopped me doing things I wanted to do and people started treating me differently. Being in a wheelchair felt like a problem that couldn’t be solved. In 2014 I went on a Chronic Pain course and it was then that I realised my wheelchair wasn’t the problem, peoples attitudes, perceptions and behaviours were. I no longer think of my wheelchair in a negative way and as soon as I realised that it wasn’t a problem that needed to be fixed I became unstoppable. Now I am training for a half marathon and a 10mile swim and hoping to do an even bigger challenge next year; a two way Lake Windermere swim!”


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